Thursday April 02, 2020
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Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

The Broad Brook Fire Dept. would like to remind all who celebrate the holiday season to do so safely. Please take time to follow the link below and see what can happen when your Christmas tree is not properly taken care of. Please remember to change your batteries in all of you smoke detectors and be sure to have them located outside of bedroom doors and on all levels of the house including the basement level where your heating units are located. As you will see if you visit this link, it will greatly aid in saving your life if a fire occurs. Also please be sure your house numbers are visible from the street and properly lighted at night time to help us find your house and provide the fastest response possible in your time of need.

From the Officer and Members of the Broad Brook Fire Department, we hope you and your family enjoys and has a safe and healthy holiday season.