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May 30, 2008 - Structure Fire - 340 Rye St

At 0457 AM, The Broad Brook Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 340 Rye Street. Warehouse Point Fire District was also dispatched as automatic mutual aid. Working fire conditions were reported from over two miles away and the equivlent to a 2nd alarm was dispatched for additional tankers.

The first arriving fire officer confirmed a working fire with three structures involved in fire and two additional exposures, a house and a occupied trailer. The photos below were taken as the the firefighters were protecting the exposures and setting up for a tanker shuttle. Water for this fire had to trucked in from the nearest fire hydrant in South Windsor.

The Broad Brook Fire Department wishes to thank the following agencies that assisted with this fire.

  • Warehouse Point Fire District
  • Enfield Fire Department
  • Ellington Fire Department
  • South Windsor Fire Department
  • Somers Fire Department
  • Crystal Lake Fire Department
  • Vernon Fire Department
  • Tolland Fire Department
  • East Windsor Ambulance
  • East Windsor Police
  • South Windsor Police
  • Salvation Army Canteen Unit
  • Tolland County Fire Dispatch
Channel 3 News Coverage - Video (This is what happens when the news reporter gets her story all wrong. It took us seven minutes to arrive on the scene from the time of dispatch

Photos taken by Andy Shefrin