Broad Brook Fire Department

Proudly Serving East Windsor Since 1896

Have you ever thought of riding on the fire trucks you always see and hear heading down the road?

Ever wanted to serve your fellow citizens and community?

Ever dreamed of becoming part of the some of the bravest human beings on earth? Visit – to get more infomation.

We are always looking for new members to start into the ranks.

Firefighter requirements:

  • You must live within the response area of the Broad Brook Vol. Fire Department (Broad Brook, Windsorville, Melrose, Scantic), or within the Town of East Windsor within reasonable distance to the firehouse, determined by the BBFD Interview Committee.
  • You must be aged 14 to 17 to be a JR. Firefighter, and 18 or older to be a Regular Firefighter.
  • You will be required to pass a physical examination that will be provided to you at NO cost, once the physical exam is finished firefighting gear will be issued to you and you can start coming to emergency calls.
  • Will be subject to a Town of East Windsor Criminal Background Check as well as a State of Connecticut Criminal Background Check, again at no cost to you, just fill out the State of Connecticut background form and drop it off with your application.
  • You must attend all mandatory training required in your first year will be done, this includes Blood/Airborne Pathogen training, HazMat Awareness and for members 18 or over you must complete Firefighter 1 Training. All of this training comes complete with access to the incentive plan once you complete.

Equipment: Everything you need is supplied to you once you have completed your physical. This includes all safety equipment and training.

Bonuses: We also are able to offer an incentive plan, thanks to the town of East Windsor. The incentive plan is based on how many emergencies and training sessions you attend. The more emergencies and training you attend, the more money you could make.

Specialists: We also take others who would like to be part of the organization but not have to commit to the training and emergency call outs. These members, known as the Specialists. These individuals are a wonderful supplement to our department. Men and Women 18 and older who would like to find out more about this, use the information to contact us below. Such members could be but are not limited to: EMR or EMT’s, Fire Apparatus Drivers with appropriate CDL Licences, Fire Police and Photographers to name a few.  Such positions may have a cap of how many people in these areas so apply early or inquire within!!

If you are interested in joining the Broad Brook Fire Department, click on the button below to download our application which can be dropped off at, 125 Main Street, Broad Brook or you can email  or visit  and click on “Find a Department”, then select the Broad Brook Volunteer Fire Department at the top of the page for more info., we look forward to hearing from you!! 

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Part-Time Paid Staff Application

If you would like more information you can:

Send Us an Email
Call the firehouse at 860.623.5940
Or you can stop by the fire house, we will gladly show you around.